It's gettin hot in here....

For about the last week I have been getting random hot flashes. I go from totally normal to sweaty Betty in 2.5. I am pretty sure it is due to the fact that I have "hormones gone wild":) I will find out tomorrow if they are going to induce me and if so then I will also find out the date. That is kinda exciting. However, I will never give up on my efforts to make my body kick into labor on its own. I have been taking nice walks and Dave has even been willingly accompanying me.

I found some interesting information in one of my books. When induced, typically, the first step is to treat the cervix with prostaglandins, either with a cream (Prepidil) or insert (Cervidil). Both of these are synthetic hormones so they are not producing quite the punch that the real hormones would. Interestingly, there is an overabundance of prostaglandins in male semen. So, the old wives tale to have lots of sex in hopes of bringing on labor might have some truth behind them. As you can imagine, this is one idea that Dave is not debating and he is willing to do whatever means necessary to help "me" out:):)

Only 17 days away from my due date. Still feeling pretty great with an increase in afternoon sleepiness and I think Mr bun must have dropped some because I no longer get full halfway through a meal. My long lost appetite is back with a vengeance.

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mlucas said...

Soooo exciting! I have been thinking about you A LOT lately! Glad you are doing so great :)

Jodie and Kevin said...

Hi Kylee!
So glad to hear that you are doing so great! Can't wait to meet Mr. Bun.