Reality check

This is all somewhat starting to sink in. At first, I didn't think much of the change in schedule that new baby Logan brought on, I just went along with it. Now, I am starting to realize that my time is no longer my own. I hope this doesn't sound bad, I LOVE being a mommy and I adore Logan, but I think that things are starting to come to light and maybe it just freaks me out a little. I start second guessing myself...I want to be the best mom possible and I guess that at times it can all seem overwhelming. The combination of the lack of sleep and the constant worrying that everything is OK with my little man can take a toll I guess.

One of the hardest things, in my opinion, is the lack of time I get to spend with Dave. We really took for granted all the snuggle time and hanging out we used to be able to do. This is one thing I did not prepare for. I knew all about the lack of sleep and the things that pertain to the baby, but I didn't even think about how it would affect the two of us. Dave has to work all day and when he gets home we are so busy feeding, changing, and getting Logan to sleep that we have less time for just us. I guess maybe I need affection more than I realized:)

I know that right now this is all new and we will start to get more comfortable with things. This is going to sound so cliche, but it so weird how you can love and worry about someone so much that has only been in your life for such a short time. I feel so very lucky to have this new little guy in my life, my two men really are the best and I love them more than words could even begin to express!!!

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