Today is my first official day off of work before my maternity leave begins. I am scheduled to be induced Sunday evening. Though most women start off with something like Oxytocin or Pitocin when they are induced I will only be started off with a cervical cream that is meant to ripen the cervix. This means that when we get there Sunday they will treat my cervix and then we are expected just to hang out and sleep until Monday morning when they check to see if there is any progress. It is not uncommon for this hormone cream to trigger labor so I am hoping that will happen for me;) So, though we are going in Sunday for induction, the soonest that Mr. bun will be here is Monday.

We are going to be very busy until then with a rehearsal dinner tonight and a wedding tomorrow. It will be cool to have pictures of us from the wedding because we can say that they were taken the day before I was induced. All of this wedding stuff will help to keep our minds off of what is to come and keep us from watching the clock.

I don't think it has really all sunk in yet. I think when we are actually at the hospital it might hit us a little more, but the moment of truth will be when he arrives. I envision this random baby in my arms, but I just can't wait to be holding the real thing. To see his little features and give him kisses....I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I am trying to really take in these last few days with him still in my belly. It has been so unbelievable. Last night Dave had his hand on my belly and Mr. Bun was going to town. Usually when Dave feels him it is random movements so I was glad that he got to feel some really consistent and strong movements since it is one of the last times he will get the opportunity to.

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