Change in Plans....

So, that whole vacation at the lake I was envisioning, scratch that. I asked the Dr at my appt yesterday what he thought about me going to the Lake Memorial Day weekend and he looked at me like he thought I was kidding. I explained that I thought since it was only 2 1/2 hours away that it seemed pretty reasonable and he let me know that I could go if I wanted, however, he typically didn't recommend travel for patients in their last month. So, looks like we will be spending Memorial Day weekend at home. It will still be fun, I can go to the neighborhood pool and maybe we can just BBQ and hang out.

Mr Bun is looking GREAT. His estimated weight was 5lbs 13oz so he is very close to 6 lbs. Only 5 weeks to go!!!! We saw lots of cute little hair sprouts...he looked like a Chia Pet:) Of course, he had his feet up by his face. In one profile pic there is the silhouette of a toe:):)

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mlucas said...

You might have the baby before the wedding afterall!