3 Days and 45 Minutes...

...until we see our bun again, but who's really counting?? I am trudging through this week...could it go any slower? Had my IVIG yesterday and all went well....keep on sticking little sticky bun:) It is crazy to think that this tiniest little embryo already has a heart and that the little chambers are starting to divide. I am officially 5 weeks 5 days today so more than likely that tiny little heart has already started beating.....crazy right!!!! Also, the babies limb buds are noticeable now. The anticipation is killing me!!!! Warm snugly vibes to you little bun:)

P.S. My boobs are still sore....Woo Hoo!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Yea!!!!!!! I hope that your treatment went well.. I can only imagine how anxious you are as I have been there!
Try hard to stay busy!