Tick Tock...

Back at work today and trying to catch up on what I missed, at least it will keep my mind occupied!!! Last night my butt shot did not go over too well. It was fine going in and then coming out....AHHH!!! I feel like I got kicked in the hip today....tis the price I pay. Beta's are Tues and Thurs, however, I will not know anything until Thurs. Thinking positive thoughts while trying to shove the realist in my head back into the dark corners of my mind....there are already a few things there so I do not know if there will be room...J/K:):):) At this point there is nothing physically within my power so I will just continue to wait and think happy thoughts:)

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Jodie and Kevin said...

Hi Kylee!
I went running with Kerri tonight and she gave me your blog address. I love your blog; it is so cool! I am anxiously awaiting your good news post tomorrow!!!