Footloose and Fancy Free

That is kinda how I feel is nice for a change:) So, I still have the low pressure, however, I think it could be either from my horrible constipation (know you loved reading that) or just a normal thing that happens in pregnancy???? This morning I did not feel anything and I freaked so I am embracing this low pressure.....whatever it is. My u/s got moved to tomorrow and I am excited and nervous at the same time. Part of me worries that it is too soon, but then I need to remember that I just have to leave things in the Dr's hands....he knows what he is doing.....right?? Anyone....a little reassurance over here:) Tomorrow I am hoping I can post an u/s pic.....even if it is just a black holes are way cool.

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Jennifer said...

Hi there,
I found your blog on the message board. I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you all during your cycle! I cycled with Dr. A over a year ago and have 10 month old twins, Addelynn and Alexander. Best of luck and can't wait to hear updates!