Too weak for a week of waiting!!!!!

This is going to be a VERY long week!!! My next u/s is not until Saturday morning at 10:45, I know that is really not that far away, but I will just feel so much better after seeing a fetal pole and heartbeat....keep growing little bun!!!! Had my first bad shot Fri didn't hurt, but when Dave took the needle out [of my ass] there was blood everywhere!!! I bled through a band-aid in like 3 seconds. Somehow, Dave managed to keep his cool and clean it up and get the job passing out!!! That is a plus:) He did need a little break before giving me my second shot, but I am still very impressed.

I go tomorrow for my second IVIG treatment and until my next u/s I will keep pushing on my boobs to make sure that they are still sore....OUCH....yep, still sore:)

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Jennifer said...

Hey there,
I hope that this week goes fast for you as I know that the wait is not fun. Have you tried using ice before the shots? That really helped me! My husband was a pro by the time that we were done :) Can't wait to hear updates. Have a good week!

kyleej891 said...


Hi:) Yes, we ice them every time!!! DH has become a pro and he is the kind of guy that gets squimish easily, but he has been pulling through like a champ:) I hope this week goes by fast too, but more importantly I hope I see a heartbeat and a fetal pole....I am sooooo nervous!!!! Thanks for all of the support!!!

Jennifer said...

You are more than welcome!
Please feel free to contact me at my email at:
I would love to chat with you and share our story with you. Oh, if you have not already, you can check out our little Dr. Ahlering miracles, at:
Thinking of you!