Pregnancy is not an excuse to overeat!!!!

Today I am 6 weeks 5 days. I am going to pop at any given moment!!! We had a retirement party for my boss and I think I might have eaten a little too much!!! I just had the realization that I can not allow myself to gorge at every given chance. It is recommended that you up your calorie intake by 300, that is nothing, that is a candy bar or an extra slice of pizza, not an excuse for me to get thirds!! I do not want to gain 20 lbs in the first month:):)

My next appointment is not until Saturday, November about an eternity of waiting....I thought a week was bad. This time I will be meeting with my new OB to discuss things....I guess I will get a real due date instead of this tentative one of June 19th. So until then I will continue to keep myself occupied and not over think every little if that is really possible!!!

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