And The Beat Goes On

6 weeks 1 day. Black hole is the gestational sac, round circle is the yolk sac and the blur is the embryo!!!

What an absolutely amazing weekend!!! We went in for our 6 week ultrasound and we saw our tiny little bun and we saw and heard the heartbeat of 115 beats per minute . It was pretty amazing!! I definately could not hold back the tears on that one. It was hard to tell Dr A and the staff goodbye...I am graduating on to a regular OB. Dr A said that he sees no reason as to why I should be considered high risk and that everything was measuring exactly where it should be. I am starting to feel like I can accept being pregnant!! However, I will feel much better after I am through the first trimester which will be Friday, December 5th.

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Jennifer said...

I have been waiting for an update. I am so glad to hear that it all went well. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

kyleej891 said...

Thanks so much!!!! It was definately a relief, however, I do not know that I will be 100% confident until I have my little bun in my arms!!!:) BTW, you twins are too adorable....sooo cute, but you know that already:):)

Jennifer said...

Yes, they are precious and man they get big sooooooooooooo fast!
Can't wait to hear updates.