Journey to the Center of the Uterus

Dr appt with Dr A today....and might I say that he had me a little freaked if I wasn't already freaking myself out. So there I am in the office....bare assed on the table with nothing but a giant Kleenex shielding my nether regions and trying to keep my cool (the draft from the gap in the back of my paper skirt helped). Dr A mentioned something about my beta numbers being a little weird and my stomach dropped....wishing I hadn't eaten First Watch for breakfast at that point. Then he says at 5 weeks we should have an idea of what is going on regardless of the numbers....he is looking for three things:

a) a pregnancy in the uterus
b) a pregnancy in the tubes (ectopic)
c) an abnormal pregnancy

So I realize that if this were a multiple choice quiz (a) would be the only acceptable answer. He puts in the u/s wand and a black hole is clearly visible on the screen....I see it, I see the black hole!!! Dr A then says, "yes there is a pregnancy in the uterus" and after zooming in mentions that it is a very nice one....I will take that as a compliment:) He then also points out the yolk sac....woo hoo....I would have been happy with a black hole, but the yolk sac was just icing on the cake!!!

5 weeks is still very very early, however, Dave and I have never seen a gestational sac or a yolk sac, so we are moving forward....Tally Ho!!!! I go back next Sat for another u/s and by then I will be 6 weeks 1 day and should be able to see the tiniest little embryo and there should be a heartbeat.....I can not even imagine.

The weird thing is that anyone that knows me knows that I am the biggest cry baby ever....I cry over everything and anything, but no tears here. I do not know if it is disbelief of if maybe that wall I have built up is a little thicker than I thought, but no tears....just happiness!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your news today! You are one step closer. I totally remember being in your shoes and wish you the very best of luck. When do you go back to Dr. A?